Sep 20, 2015

Nima girls do it well!

Photo’s: courtesy of WILLIAM UKOH

Streetchiefin’ ain’t easy, but the ever inventive Nima girls taught Jesse Frimpong well. Driven by their fearlessness he created a pre-fall collection in honor of those who brought him up.

The Toronto-based clothing label STREETCHIEF is keeping the summer a little longer in the streets with the “Nima girls 2015” collection. A capsule wardrobe picking up where the summer collection “Nima Vibes” left off. While Nima Vibes mainly puts the focus on menswear, Nima girls is adding up six more items for women.

Having spend his early childhood in Nima, a suburb of Accra, artistic director Jesse Frimpong decided to use his place of birth as source of inspiration for both the “Nima vibes” and “Nima girls” collections. With his mother as a classic Nima girl and the Nima girl he knows best, he particularly drew inspiration from her great taste in fashion and creativity:

As a hairdresser she dared to make bold hair and fashion choices. She was very much into thrifting and customizing her shoes as well. I believe this is because she lived in Nima and living in a place like that allowed her to be free.”

Jesse noticed the same qualities in other Nima girls when he went back for a visit in 2006. He thought they had the same fearlessness and confidence regardless of living in what is believed to be a marginalized place. Wanting to create an African inspired clothing brand with a little street credibility, he felt that Nima Girls would be a perfect fit to represent the idea behind STREETCHIEF:

I wanted the lookbook to be agressive and bold. To give it the same level of inventiveness as the menswear collection. STREETCHIEF girl isn’t mainstream. She is creative and not afraid to express herself. She is essentially the Nima Girl.”

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